"From One Woman To Another..." October 04 2017

... why you should get your guy that knife for Christmas~

Believe it or not girls, those small sharp cutting objects we pay little attention to can actually be a big deal to your guy, and maybe one day even you. Perhaps it's his primitive caveman unearthing itself or his inner child in search of a tinker toy, one things for sure there is a universal trait men have, they crave a good knife. The same way we ladies are always in hot pursuit of our next purse, trendy hair cut or fashionable outfit men are hardwired to need that knife. I have spent countless hours in search of that perfect gift only to disappoint. Of course my man appreciates the effort but those dress shirts, watches and everything in between never cut it (no puns intended). A few years back I relented and let him get the knife he always wanted. He could not have been happier. Recently I witnessed firsthand the point in having a good knife, again no puns attended. I learned there is a reason men are hardwired to need their knives. Let me share a real life story! We were out enjoying a day on the river when a friend was launching his new boat. The trailer inched slowly down into the river. We watched in horror as the boat and trailer continued to slide backwards deeper into the murky water all the while pulling the truck along with it.

In a panic we dove into action trying to stop the truck from complete submersion. Everyone was running through the checklist at light speed. The boat was unhooked from the trailer, check. The trailer was obviously deep enough down into the water, check check. What was keeping the boat locked down? My husband plunged into the river behind the boat as it continued to pull the truck backwards. Within a few moments he discovered the source of the problem. A thick strap had not been detached from behind the boat. It was unbelievably simple, one strap. It was keeping the boat locked onto the trailer. The weight of the boat was too much for the truck to hold up. He had seconds to resolve the problem before the entire truck disappeared into oblivion. Without a second thought his inner caveman arose, he yanked his knife from it's sheath and with one effortless slice cut the strap from the boat. It was a sigh of relief watching the boat gently pop up and roll back up on top the waters surface. Our friend hit the gas pedal driving his truck up the ramp just moments from it's watery grave. We all applauded knowing this little sharp object had saved the day. It became quite clear to me as to why my man loved his knives. He was a hero and if he hadn't been carrying his knife it would have been a very different ending. So whats the point of this story? Ladies, don't be intimidated to get your guy that knife for Christmas. As long as the knife you buy him is sharp he'll love it, and you never know when it will come in handy, or even save the day! Check out your options at GearBarrel.com

By Hannah Greenberg