Hinderer Knives Maximus: Bayonet Battle Black (Black Hardware)

$ 465.00

Maximus: "At my signal, unleash hell!"

Well boys and girls, Hinderer knives has done just that and then some! Rick has been intrigued by the idea for some time and has been refining his design concept for a few years now to get it 'just right'. When you get a hold of the Maximus, you will agree immediately that he nailed it.

  • Legendary Hinderer Knives build quality and precision
  • True symmetrical design that the frame totally encapsulates the blade
  • Titanium frame with recessed G10 scale overlays for a multi-layer contrast and outstanding grip
  • Clip can be attached to either side of the frame

    The Blade:  Bayonet Double edge (as in sharp on both sides) Bayonet dagger profile gives you almost twice the cutting edge (so you can use one side for your rough 'chore' cutting, and leave the other razor sharp for other uses). It also makes you twice as cool cause double edge daggers are freaking bitchin! It also means you can't be an idiot with it or you can cut yourself. Just realize the other side is sharp and one hand close it using the tab rather than the spine of the blade.

    The Frame: Titanium frame in Battle Black finish with textured Black G10 scales. All the hardware on these are  Black to match


    • Overall Length: 8.125 in
    • Blade Length: 3.5 in
    • Cutting Edge Length: 3.125 in
    • Blade Thickness: .165 in
    • Weight: 4 Ounces
    • Blade Material: CPM 20CV Stainless
    • Handle Material: Titanium w/G10 Scales

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