Don't Tread On Me Thing-A-Majigger

$ 74.95 $ 80.00

Limited Edition 100% USA MADE in OCALA FL.


This is our wonderful Thing-a-majigger in the Don't Tread On Me color pattern. It is slightly modified from the original design in that it has a small front patch panel and comes with a DTOM patch. As always this is the perfect man purse for your every day carry needs. It can hold up to a full size 1911, business cards, extra magazines, flashlight, and so much more. In addition to all of that you can attach it to a plate carrier turning it into either a front compartment or a fanny pack. On the plus side with this color I can assure you that you will never misplace it and that no one will steal it.


SIZE: 13 x 8 Inches

Material: Cordura Brand Nylon

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