ARMORDILLO Super Adjustable Plate Carrier

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This is the Phoenix Infinitam Armordillo Plate Carrier. This is a one size fits most carrier that is completely modular we have put the same plate carrier on a 8 Yr old child and a 6'8'' 340 lbs. man. You have up to 5 adjustment point on the shoulder straps, and up to 6 adjustment points on each side of the cummerbund, allowing this carrier to be worn by anyone from a stick-thin guy, to those with a little extra love on them. 

CURRENTLY Only Available in Tan and A-TACS LE 


Plate pockets with emergency plate dump straps allowing you to get rid of the plates

Adjustable cummerbund

Adjustable shoulder straps

Emergency rip handle with 4' leash allowing your rescuer to gain leverage while pulling you to safety

Admin pouch on the front for maps and other misc items

Fits L to XL plates

Neutrally buoyant 

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